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About us

Future Space Industries is a private company incorporated in Switzerland in 2014, with early R&D rangin back to 2012. Currently financing and incubating the various stages of the KLNR-LEO project, the company has the goal to become a central services partners of the booming private industry…

Research, conception, financing, set up and operation of spaces activities in low earth orbit (LEO), high orbit (GEO, HEO) and beyond, with operations of transport, logistic, debris cleaning, waste management, zero gravity manufacturing and other industrials activities, all aiming at accelerating the conquest of space for a multi-planetary mankind.

The company combines a team a seasoned space engineer from both governmental or private background and visionary entrepreneurs with experiences ranging from start-ups to IPO. We only at the very start of our journey and all talents or energies that can support our cause are welcome. Contact us to chat, enrich us your views, discuss our visions and share our dream.